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Yesterday Robert Halfon stepped down as the minister responsible for apprenticeships. We haven’t always marked a change in minister but Robert was a true champion of apprentices. The National Society of Apprentices probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t his proposal in the house of commons of a Royal Society of Apprentices. Apprentices now have much of what Robert proposed in November 2010, a voice to speak to decision makers through the National Society of Apprentices, a place to network in Association of Apprentices and a way to promote apprenticeships in Schools through Amazing Apprenticeships.


Robert played a key role in the legislation that ensured every apprenticeship lasted at least a year and contained at least a days training a week. Whenever there were voices trying to water down those standards, Robert was there making the case for quality apprenticeships. As minister he ensured the new Institute for Apprenticeships had a space for apprentice voice and promoted the expansion of Degree Apprenticeships. In his most recent spell as minister we’ve seen the introduction of the Apprentice Support Centre and, after a very long campaign, finally seeing apprenticeships recognised on the UCAS tariff. 


NSoA believes every apprenticeship should be an excellent apprenticeship. We think apprentices should be part of the decisions made about their apprenticeships. We’ll miss having such a passionate advocate of these things in Parliament.


Thank you Robert. 



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