Meeting Simon

My name is Simon Phipp and I am on a Level 6 Apprenticeship in Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship at HomeServe. This is my second Apprenticeship, having previously completed a Level 5 Operational Department Manager Apprenticeship, both being funded by HomeServe’s Apprenticeship Levy.

I went down the traditional route of "O" and "A" Levels, then a BSc in Mathematics in the 80s. I progressed through being a Night Operative, Programmer, Analyst Programmer, Senior Analyst Programmer, Development Team Leader and Senior Development Team Leader, then started my Level 5 Apprenticeship, and was promoted to Software Development Manager as a result. My Level 5 Apprenticeship enabled me to manage a complex and demanding set of projects at HomeServe, and I am of the firm belief that the Apprenticeship was the main reason why I managed to cope with the workload.

My previous Line Manager was an Apprentice and I have managed four Apprentices who have gone on to become Junior Developer, with two then becoming Developers, and I would like to take on two new Apprentices later this year. So, Apprenticeships are really important to HomeServe, and to me. I believe that only Apprentices, or former Apprentices, truly understand Apprentices, and Apprentices should be involved in decisions made for Apprentices and Apprenticeships.

Why I am part of NSOA:

As an Apprentice, I was concerned to see how little support, or recognition, older Apprentices were getting.

My thing on the Leadership Team:

I want to raise awareness of Apprentices within NUS, especially regarding raising the profile of older Apprentices, who have different challenges to "typical" Apprentices. I'll be representing apprentices at NUS Conference in Blackpool this year.

As a member of the Apprentice Council of the Association of Apprentices, I want to promote collaboration between the various Apprenticeship Organisations.

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